Apprentice Support

Student Support

Student Support

Delivering happy and healthy apprentices

Our student support team offer a range of services and resources designed to assist our apprentices throughout their learning journey.

Our student support goes beyond classroom instruction, addressing various aspects of students' lives to ensure their overall wellbeing and success. Our student support includes academic guidance, personal tutoring, and mentoring to help students navigate through their studies effectively. Moreover, the team aids in overcoming challenges, both academic and personal, and offer a safe space for apprentices to discuss their concerns. Whether it's addressing learning difficulties, mental health issues, or career aspirations, student support plays a pivotal role in nurturing individuals' potential, boosting their confidence, and facilitating their growth as well-rounded, capable individuals ready to make a positive impact on the world. At the heart of our student support lies a commitment to creating an environment where every student feels valued, heard, and equipped to achieve their goals.

Personal Tutors

Each apprentice is assigned a dedicated personal tutor who provides academic and pastoral support throughout their apprenticeship.

Progress Monitoring

We regularly monitor apprentice progress and offer additional support when needed to ensure success.

Healthy Eating

We encourage our apprentices to eat a healthy breakfast, which we provide free of charge on site for those who missed it. Eating a healthy breakfast provides the body with essential nutrients and energy, kickstarting the metabolism and improving cognitive function throughout the day.

Mental Health Awareness

We prioritise mental health by raising awareness and providing resources to support the emotional wellbeing of our apprentices. 80% of the team are qualified Mental Health First Aiders and are on hand to offer initial support, listen without judgement and signpost further help where needed.

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