Aircraft Maintenance Certifying Engineer

Coming soon... Maintaining and certifying a range of civil and military aircraft - from small aeroplanes and passenger airliners to jet fighters and helicopters.

  • 48 months
  • Level 4
  • Cambridge, UK

Aircraft Maintenance Certifying Engineer


An Aircraft Maintenance Certifying Engineer works on maintaining and certifying aircraft of all types from small aeroplanes to airliners, jet fighters and helicopters, both civil and military. They should have a comprehensive knowledge of aircraft systems, carry out approved maintenance processes to maintain and certify the airworthiness of the aircraft. It involves highly skilled, complex and specialist work, maintaining aircraft systems according to approved data and work instructions, using relevant hand tools and equipment.

Apprenticeship Standard

Aircraft Maintenance Certifying Engineer

Additional Information

In line with the government requirement for 20% off the job training, all of our apprenticeships incorporate:

  • Bespoke training programme scheduled to meet employer needs
  • Industry specialist qualified trainers/assessors
  • Support and guidance for the apprentice and employer from start to finish through one to one meetings and off the job classroom training
  • Apprentice access to a comprehensive range of resources via our e-portfolio system for self-study
  • Regular feedback on apprentice progress to the employer
  • English/mathematics upskilling

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