Keeping your people compliant in a safety critical industry

Aviation maintenance is a safety and compliance critical industry; the importance and value of ensuring that individuals have the knowledge and competence to operate in a safe manner in any industry is undeniably key. Our ability to deliver high quality health and safety training enables us to service this industry but also to apply our capability to other parallel sectors with common training requirements.

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Forklift Operator

We provide a range of forklift training, including counterbalance (varying weight categories), sideload, and reach variants.

Hand Arm Vibration Awareness

Hand tooling that causes vibration through the hands and arms of the user can lead to damaged blood vessels, nerves, and joints. This training teaches correct practice, risk mitigation and warning signs. This is hugely advantageous for the effectiveness of organisational monitoring programmes.

Confined Space Working and Rescue (Partner)

To provide a complete training solution, we have teamed up with a partner to be able to offer highly specialised, aviation specific confined space training.

IOSH Working Safely

A course that is designed for all sectors and holds global relevance. This is the introductory course for any employee who requires a foundational understanding of health and safety.

IOSH Managing Safely

Designed for managers and supervisors to have sufficient knowledge to exercise their responsibility to identify and take practical actions to resolve health and safety issues.

First Aid

We deliver initial, and refresher first aid course accredited by Nuco and FAA (First Aid Awards).

Mental Health First Aid

Accredited by Mental Health First Aid England this course gives a learner a comprehensive understanding of mental health issues and the triggers/signs. The learner gains confidence to listen, support, and signpost help to someone experiencing mental health issues.

Clarity 4D

A simple, yet extremely effective, personality profiling tool used to improve team cohesiveness, motivation, and communication skills or as part of an individual’s growth.

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