Regulatory Aviation Training

Continuation Training

Continuation Training

Ensuring training remains effective and current

Marshall Skills Academy’s Continuation Training (CT) covers essential areas including those mandated by regulation, such as human factors, fuel tanks safety and electrical wiring interconnection systems.

Our Continuation Training aims to provide you with complete confidence that your team will stay up to date with the latest industry occurrences, changes or improvements—as well as topics that are unique to your organisation. We also provide detailed feedback to help you identify areas for improvement, optimise your training programme further and enable an additional method of verification of effectiveness of reading logs.

Continuation Training is separate from other recurrent training elements, ensuring that it is fully comprehensive and customised to meet your organisation's specific needs. However, if you require a combined training plan, our team can work with you to identify your needs and create a bespoke training plan that meets all regulatory requirements.

Our thorough Training Needs Analysis (TNA) process identifies core and non-core CT elements and the most appropriate timing, ensuring that your training is optimised for maximum effectiveness.

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