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UK CAA / EASA Part 145 Regulatory Training

UK CAA / EASA Part 145 Regulatory Training

UK CAA/EASA Part 145 Regulatory Training is essential for those in the aviation industry who need a working knowledge of Part 145 regulations. Our expertly designed programme covers a broad range of topics, providing an overview of regulatory structure, responsibilities, practical application of regulations and current key industry topics.

Our experienced instructors provide a comprehensive understanding through a relatable delivery of regulatory requirements. The course is built to meet the needs of your organisation and the specific roles that require Part 145 training, resulting in a personalised and engaging experience.

At Marshall Skills Academy, we prioritise practical application and hands-on learning so that knowledge can be applied in real-world scenarios. Our programme also includes a focus on current key industry topics to keep your team up to date with the latest regulatory requirements and best practices.

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