• 1 in 3 The number of managers who state agility is the greatest challenge in executing strategy
  • 30% The number of strategies that fail to get fully implemented
  • 63% The average financial returns companies strategies promise to deliver.
“We live in a constantly evolving environment and cannot know exactly what the future holds. The best way to minimize risk and succeed is to embrace uncertainty and be the quickest and most productive in trying new things.”

Gary Hamel - Management Consultant

Agile Strategy

CEO’s consider strategy execution the number one challenge facing their leaders. With one third-of-all those leaders saying they consider agility to be their greatest challenge when executing strategy, it’s clear that agility plays a big part in achieving strategic intent.    

Respond in real-time

However, without the right processes and procedures, many companies struggle to respond in real-time to changes that effect their business, reducing their ability to execute against the strategy and resulting in lost opportunity and increased risk.

Capture Future Growth

Providing a real-time learning environment with a framework to continually, and quickly assess against assumptions, at Marshall Centre we help companies retain control in the face of change, building a disciplined, agile approach to capture future growth.   

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