Ryan Kidger

Aerospace Engineer Apprentice

Why did you choose a Marshall apprenticeship?

I’ve always wanted to have a career within the aerospace industry and with Marshall's reputation, I thought that the company was the best place to break into the industry and the apprenticeship programme suited my form of learning and development.

What did you/are you enjoying most about it?

I am enjoying the broad aspects and departments within the company and the opportunities I have been given at such an early point in my career to contribute to large projects. I have learnt so much and will continue to learn from everyone I encounter.

How have the skills learned been transferrable to the workplace?

I have learnt several valuable skills that I use daily to ensure that I build a good relationship with my peers and the skills I have learnt have helped me develop my knowledge of the industry and continue to keep developing and learning. The skills have included being integrated into large teams but still having a place within that team and having the respect from my peers to be able to input towards discussions or work.

Why would you recommend the Marshall Apprenticeship to others?

I would 100% recommend this apprenticeship to others who are keen to break into the industry and learn from experts within the industry and develop their engineering knowledge and skills.

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