What would you change in two hours?

Two hours of learning may seem like a drop in the ocean but drops become ripples that then become waves of positive change.

Inspiring an action, sparking a new thought, or encouraging constructive reflection can achieve real value, with only a small investment of time.

Our focus on agility continually drives us to provide the right development solutions for the needs of industry. The team at Marshall Centre have responded to the challenge with a series of targeted, high-impact, sessions called Skill-Shots.  

What topics do we cover?

Our Skill-Shots are designed to help address critical skills gaps that our customers must fill to ensure their people are fulfilled, engaged, and productive.

The sessions cover a wide range of topics with focuses on resilience, embracing change, finding purpose, self-development and how to have difficult conversations.

These two-hour, bitesize sessions are delivered virtually, so your people can join in regardless of where or how they are working. Skill-Shots are an engaging, impactful and cost-effective way to develop your team.

So, what are you going to change with two hours?

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