Our History

Training future talent for Marshall Group


By 1920 the first apprenticeships became available within the automotive industry for Marshall Motor Holdings


Apprentices start to work on aircraft as Marshall develops its aircraft design and manufacturing facilities, becoming a natural sub-contractor to all the British aircraft manufacturing companies.


Now equipped with world leading skills and knowledge, former apprentices work on pioneering projects such as the manufacture of the Concorde droop nose and retracting visor in 1967, on behalf of the British Aircraft Corporation.


Apprentices become involved in Marshall Fleet Solutions, a new and dynamic part of the business.


Additional services are developed in the form of Project Management, Risk Management and Continuous Improvement to support the continued growth of the wider business.


In 2020 we re-brand as Marshall Centre, obtaining 'Main Provider' status allowing us to draw on external Businesses' Apprentice Levy and provide delivery outside of Marshall for the first time in our 100 year history.


Marshall Centre are the world leader in innovative talent development. The people we train continue to work on pioneering projects that push the boundaries of what is possible, creating a sustainable future for millennia to come.