Embracing change in the workplace

We are living in a time where the pace of change, be that technological, social or environmental is increasing rapidly. So, to build resilience in your teams, business leaders must adequately communicate change and prepare their people to embrace it.   

Why change is uncomfortable.

We feel comfortable and secure in our routines because we are creatures of habit. If you try to sign your name with your non dominant hand or put a jacket on starting with the arm you normally put on second, you will feel physically uncomfortable. Changing anything that we have become used to and do without thinking about, requires effort. Our brains try to operate in the most energy efficient way and this means doing things that feel comfortable and natural. However, we can learn to enjoy the process of feeling uncomfortable to learn new and better ways of doing things.  

How do we embrace change?

Changing our mindsets from fixed to growth will help us shift our perspective from one of fearing change to welcoming it and even enjoying the process of using that for innovation and growth. It can be challenging for businesses to adapt to change especially if the culture is not open to learning. So, nurturing a culture of learning can really benefit and support change initiatives.    

Communicate change clearly with your teams.   

It is vital that businesses involve their teams, listen to their ideas and communicate clearly what changes are happening, why and when. Sudden changes that your people are not fully aware of or expecting can lead to disruption, resistant behaviour, reduced productivity, anger and even loss of talent, which can be costly. Change initiatives must be communicated to everyone in multiple ways and the teams’ understanding of those changes must also be checked to avoid misinterpretation.

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