Join Us to Find Out More About Our Wellbeing Apprentice Trailblazer

Head of Wellbeing, Jo Boyd met with HR and L&D professionals  through Cambridge Networks to introduce the Marshall Centre Wellbeing Apprentice Trailblazer programme.

We are meeting with business leaders on Tuesday the 23rd February at 10:00 to discuss the programme in further detail. If you are interested in attending or would like to know more information, please contact our Head of Wellbeing Jo Boyd.

Why we are doing this 
Although the future is full of uncertainty, there is one prediction from The Centre for Mental Health that we believe all companies must pay attention to. They estimate that up to 10 million people (almost 20% of the population) will need new or additional mental health support as a result of the pandemic and that is a large proportion of our valuable workforce.

Why business leaders must pay attention to mental health and wellbeing
We all have mental health, whether we feel great or we are struggling, we all have days where we spring out of bed wanting to take on the world, and others we can barely think about getting out of bed, when we have those days we are also less resilient, which has a negative impact on work performance and productivity. Poor mental health also has a direct impact on absenteeism, attrition rates and damage to brand reputation and that’s just the start. People who lack resilience struggle with change and will not be flexible and innovative which will prevent growth of your business. So, when thinking about future proofing your business, the mental health and wellbeing of your staff must be a high priority.

A staggering 70 million work days are lost every year to poor mental health,  which costs the UK economy £2.4 billion and employers £42 billion annually. Stress and anxiety disorders are the leading cause for people taking time off work due to mental ill health.

Marshall Centre are ahead of the curve with our mental health & wellbeing support programmes and training. We would like to invite you to join us for a virtual meeting to talk about our Wellbeing Apprentice Trailblazer. 

What we are looking for 

  • Group of 10-20 employers, who intend to employ someone in this role
  • Authorise their name and contact detail shared for purposes of trailblazer
  • Authority of their organisation
  • Authority of their organisation to publish organisation name and contact information for the use of the trailblazer
  • Committed to 2 years


  • The steps of a trailblazer
  • The role of the trailblazer group
  • The role of the chair in a trailblazer

For more information, please contact:
Jo Boyd
Head of Wellbeing

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