Marshall Centre Launch New, Improved Website

We have been working very hard to re-design our website to ensure that we stay ahead of the curve.

The site re-design includes an interactive virtual reality experience and improved navigation so customers can go on a journey to explore and discover how they can unlock their business potential to future-proof and grow.

“We are always finding new and better ways of doing things. Re-designing the website was needed to show our customers how we’ve managed to grow our offerings throughout the pandemic. We have seen a rise in website traffic due to current circumstances, so the website has become more important than ever in communicating how we can help our valued customers become future-fit. It was important to us that we improved the customer journey so we included an interactive virtual reality experience, which we will continue to grow over time. We hope the new website will continue to generate leads so we can continue to help businesses develop their people and recover from these challenging times.” – Janine Hornsby MBA, Marketing Manager

With innovation being at the heart of everything we do, we designed the website navigation based on three key words:

1. Explore

Humans have a long history of exploration and curiosity. It makes us believe that anything is possible, which leads to new discoveries and innovation.

To be a great explorer you must be resilient and persevere through the toughest challenges, you must be creative, curious, question the norm and willing to take risks. These are the qualities that Marshall Centre nurture in others because that is what it takes to break the boundaries of what is possible. 

2. Discover

Since the invention of the wheel, people have continued to innovate and discover new and better ways of doing things. 100 years ago, the idea of a mobile phone that was also a high-quality camera, which allowed you to access unlimited information from around the world, while turning your face into an augmented cat, would have been laughable, yet today this is a reality.

As we look forward into the next hundred years and beyond, think about the amazing discoveries still to come. Marshall Centre prepare your people to be future-fit so your business can be a part of pioneering the future. 

3. Grow

We are living in a time of great uncertainty and constant change. Business leaders must invest in developing their people to ensure they are equipped with the skills they need to grow the business to ensure it remains competitive in a volatile market.

We welcome you to explore, discover and grow with Marshall Centre. Please look at our new website and send us your thoughts. If you have any questions about how we can help your business future-proof and grow, get in touch on

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