Virtual Work Experience Day Nene Park Academy

The team at Marshall Centre collaborated with Form the Future to deliver a full day virtual work experience programme for 195 year 10 students at Nene Park Academy. The aim was to expose the students to as many different job roles as possible, so we asked people from different parts of the business to talk about their experience with a big focus on future-fit careers and skills.

We began the day by introducing Marshall Centre and how we fit into the wider Marshall Group of companies.

Throughout the day, Marshall Centre colleagues joined the session to talk about their job roles like engineering, project management, wellbeing, marketing, public relations, business development and customer relationship management. Many students are not normally exposed to these job roles while at school, but they are jobs that many of them will end up doing, often by default. We spoke about the different routes into these careers, what a typical day looks like, the types of skills and attributes that are needed to be successful and happy in each role and the typical salary range (industry dependent). We had some fantastic interaction and questions from the students throughout the day who seem engaged and attentive.

We asked the students to form a mock crisis consultancy team to work with for the rest of the day. We chose to challenge the students with a crisis management scenario because it wasn’t role or industry specific but rather based on building the vital skills that many employers now look for when hiring young talent. The students were taken through the crisis management process from sense making, to stress and pressure handling, to creating a plan of action to deal with the best and worst-case scenario and finally dealing with any additional challenges. The day’s activities included elements of creative problem solving, critical thinking, questioning assumptions, future scenario planning, risk assessment, stakeholder management, crisis communications and the ability to work as part of a team under pressure to handle the situation and restore the reputation of the brand.

It was a highly entertaining and enjoyable day. We hope the students at Nene Park Academy enjoyed it as much as we did and learnt something new. The feedback was extremely positive, and we hope to offer more of these virtual work experience days moving forward.

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