World Wellbeing Week - Giving to others

Today we will focus on giving to others.  It may seem strange but when we give to others this really boosts our health, provided we do not give something we cannot afford, whether that is time, money or other resources. If we give beyond our means this can cause us stress, so we need to ensure that we have what we need first. And best of all, the power of giving is not only beneficial to our wellbeing but also to those we give to, two for the price of one. Benefits are that giving boosts our self-esteem, makes us feel connected (see our Connect blog for benefits too), aids sleep, helps digestion and can even help to reduce pain and inflammation

The suggested activity today is to compliment at least one person on something they have done, you can call them or write to them, either way will put a smile on their face, and yours.

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