World Wellbeing Week - Learning

The last couple of months has really highlighted why our mental wellbeing is so important. To mark World Wellbeing Week, we’ve teamed up with Marshall Centre’s Head of Wellbeing, Jo Boyd to suggest daily activities relating to the five ways of wellbeing and explain how they help our mental health. 

Today we will focus on learning, which some of you may think you left behind when you finished school, in reality we never stop learning and if we do this in a purposeful way we can really benefit from it. Whether its learning a new skill (you tube is great for how too videos) hobby, language or researching something that is of interest to you, taking some time focusing on something you enjoy is a boost to our mental health as it reduces our stress levels. Other benefits are that learning can help to maintain memory skills, boost our self-confidence, improves our social interactions and may lead to better work opportunities

The suggested activity today is to take 1-hour learning something new, if you can why not share what you have learnt with someone.

Finally, on Friday, Jo Boyd Head of Wellbeing at Marshall Centre, will be hosting a webinar on stress management. To sign up to this webinar, click here.

Tomorrow will be all about giving to others.

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