World Wellbeing Week - Mindfulness

Today we will focus on Mindfulness, which is centred around being aware of the present moment. We spend much of our time and emotion either in the past (often regrets and guilt) or in the future (forecasting what will happen and how we will feel about it) which can lead to an oversight or misrepresentation of our current circumstances and how we feel in that moment. Of course being completely mindful takes practise, but there are lots of things we can practise to build up this skill, like just taking a moment to think about how you feel right now and name that emotion, are you fearful, what are you fearful of? Are you happy, what are you happy about? Being mindful can help us manage our mental health, by understanding our emotions we are able to keep events in perspective and respond appropriately to situations.


The suggested activity today is to think about the things you are grateful for in your life and list at least 3 of them. They do not have to be big things, one of the things I am grateful for today is that the sun is shining.

Tomorrow will be all about learning.

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