World Wellbeing Week

Today, 22nd June marks the beginning of World Wellbeing Week.

There are 5 ways to wellbeing, Connect, Get Active, Be Mindful, Keep Learning and Give to Others. Every day this week we will suggest an activity within one of the categories and explain how this helps with our Wellbeing.

Today, we will focus on Connect. Although some of us may believe we do not need others and can manage on our own, we are wired for social connection and need purposeful interaction for our physical and mental health. One of the amazing benefits of social interaction is that it helps maintain our thinking skills which in turn slows down the decline of cognitive (mental) processing in later life, this has been linked to dementia.

The physical benefits are that social interaction boosts our immune system, not just by helping us fend off illness, but it also helps the healing process, as well as reducing our blood pressure which we know is better for our hearts.

Social interaction also helps with sleep and reduces the levels of stress hormone cortisol in our system which is good for our mental health.

Despite the many benefits of social connection, it can be easy to achieve and we do not need to be physically near to each other to connect, sharing our memories work just as well.

The suggested activity today is to share a happy memory with someone you love, it could be a friend or a family member and if you can share pictures even better.

Finally, on Friday 26th June, Jo Boyd Head of wellbeing at Marshall Centre, will be hosting a webinar on stress management. If you would like to join, please sign up here.


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