Success Story - Ben Aves

Aerospace Engineer Apprentice

Why did you choose a Marshall apprenticeship?
I have known many people that have completed degrees, built up lots of debt and then haven’t been able to get a job afterwards. Apprenticeships solve all these problems while gaining an equivalent qualification. The company pays for all the education, pays a good wage and will give any extra training that I require which is really appealing.

What are you enjoying most about it?
I enjoy being treated like an adult. I am given tasks that would be given to others who have been in the role much longer. I have met new friends which are my age, I wouldn’t have this opportunity if I started a job straight away.

How have the skills learned been transferrable to the workplace?
During the first year, I learnt hand skills which gave me a technical understanding, but the thing I learnt the most was, patience and integrity, which is crucial in the aviation industry.

Why would you recommend the Marshall Apprenticeship to others?
Marshall doesn’t skip any steps in training, they are willing to teach more than just the basic knowledge and will treat the apprentice with respect while doing so. The aviation industry can open many opportunities in many other jobs and the Marshall name has a great reputation.