Grace and Fred - Our New Early Careers Specialists for Marshall Skills Academy

Grace and Fred - Our New Early Careers Specialists for Marshall Skills Academy

Federica and Grace recently joined us at Marshall Skills Academy as Specialists in Early Careers.

Before becoming a part of the growing team at Skills Academy, Grace was looking for roles in emerging talent as it is something she has always been a part of in her career. Grace worked as a learning and development specialist within the retail industry, where her main roles included developing stakeholder relationships, designing core learning offers and developing learning experiences that build skills and performance. Marshall wasn’t somewhere Grace knew too much about as she lives in Kent, but after learning about the variety of projects Skills Academy worked on and how much of an influence Marshall has on its students, she accepted the offer.

Federica (Fred) was previously working at Growth Works as a contractor under CPCA supporting businesses in growth and taking on apprentices. Since she has lived in Cambridge her whole life, Fred knew Marshall is a well-known business, and what a great company they are to work for. Fred had always worked on the student and business sides but wanted to get into training, so when she found Marshall were searching for people to fill a training role it was a no brainer for her to apply!

Being an Early Careers Specialist takes experience and understanding of apprenticeship training, as well as the ability to balance multiple priorities and stakeholders. Their main roles include tracking performance, processing leavers, completers and any learner changes, supporting the early careers team to deliver programmes to internal and external customers and much more.

Marshall has so many things that make it stand out from the industry, including the wealth of knowledge held within both the business and employees. Grace noticed that most people across the business have been here for a significant amount of time within different roles. Fred is glad to be a part of the growing team as everybody is so passionate and proud to work here. They both agreed that Marshall is an environment that is looking to make positive changes to adapt to be better, and will make sure their employees stick for the journey.

Fred’s favourite part about working here so far has been coming up with new ideas to support new apprentices. Everything is still quite new and fresh, and the team at Skills are so ambitious she says it makes her “happy to be a part of such a good team”. Fred likes how everybody has been so friendly and really welcomed to the team.

Grace is enjoying the time of growth and transition to the new offices for Skills Academy, and can’t wait to be a part of future growth. The open office will make it a lot easier for her to communicate and enhance her learning as she is very collaborative. Fred says every day is exciting, and she has learned so much about the industry and company, and enjoys it the learning. They are both looking forward to witness the expansion of Skills Academy, and they couldn’t have arrived at a better time ahead of the start of the largest ever apprentice cohort later this year.