Jack Seeley successfully gained his APM Project Management Qualification

Jack Seeley successfully gained his APM Project Management Qualification

Jack Seeley, from CamdenBoss (a UK-based manufacturer of electro-mechanical components and enclosures), successfully completed the APM Project Management Qualification delivered by Matt Siggens from Marshall Centre. We asked Jack for some feedback about his experience and he said:

“The course was very well organised with weekly online video calls and excellent revision material, both accessible via the APM book provided by Marshall Centre and the online portal, which allowed 24/7 access to a lot of great material. This helped massively with revision. The weekly calls along with the revision material in the book/online portal gave a conclusive well-structured breakdown of each section, making the course very accessible for anyone who wants to undertake the qualification even if, like me, their prior knowledge is limited at the time of starting.”

Some of the key benefits Jack highlighted were:

  • Weekly sessions with an expert in the field allowed any questions to be answered right away and that meant the study sessions were very interactive.
  • The book was a massive help as it contained all the information I needed during the sessions and revision with diagrams. It also contained practice exam questions and answers to work through.
  • The online portal allows you to track progress on a weekly basis leading up to the exam and provides a platform to ask questions.
  • Having an expert to mark any practice questions during the program was great as it allowed you to see your progress and what you needed to work on in real time prior to your exam.

Jack’s advice to anyone thinking of doing the qualification is to remember that the written exam is 3 hours long and it can be difficult to sustain writing for that length of time without proper planning. So, it is vital that you take some time to prepare for the exam so that you can manage your time wisely.

Jack plans on using all the skills/techniques obtained throughout the project management course in his day to day design tasks and the management of the multiple projects he has on his board.

“It will not only help with my organisation of tasks but give me a great overview of how each project should run from different stages, who should be involved when, costing (including time scales) and so much more. Overall, I am very proud to have the qualification and plan to use it throughout my career in design.”

Congratulations Jack! He is an asset to CamdenBoss and yet another wonderful success story for Marshall Centre.

We followed up with Jack six months after completing the course to find out what impact the qualification had on his productivity.

"In the past 6 months since passing my APM Project Management Qualification, I have noticed a very positive impact on the way I now approach the planning and management of all tasks during the lifespan of a project.

The course has given me a clear understanding of how to effectively plan and manage each stage of a project from start to finish. This has allowed me to streamline my day to day work/schedule and has greatly improved my ability to identify potential risks and benefits that could affect a project at each individual stage.

"Overall the course has been very beneficial as it has given me a well-rounded knowledge of project management and taught me skills that I will continue to apply throughout my career."