Marshall supports industrywide summit on future of skills and training in Canada

Marshall supports industrywide summit on future of skills and training in Canada

On April 27, 2023 in Vancouver, BC, Marshall Skills Academy Canada attended and sponsored Bridging the Gap - Canada’s Future Skills, an industrywide event hosted by the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada (AIAC).

As the inaugural event in an ongoing series, Bridging the Gap brought together representatives from Canadian industry, academia, and government to address the current state of the national aerospace and defence labour market. Throughout the day, attendees participated in collaborative workshop sessions to identify challenges and develop unique solutions across the industry.

Kim Tamminga, Transformation Business Partner, Marshall Canada Aerospace and Steve Huynh, Program Manager, Marshall Canada, represented Marshall Skills Academy Canada at the event.

Like many nations around the world, Canada is facing a severe aerospace and defence sector labour shortage in all positions - ranging from aircraft mechanics and shop staff to industry-specific engineers and experienced senior leadership. Further impacting the problem, a large proportion of the existing workforce is set to retire in the next few years or leave the industry altogether. Without an intake of new hires who will grow alongside organizations, impacts will be felt in every business and government organization over the next 10 years and beyond.

Looking at aircraft mechanics alone, Transport Canada estimates Canada is currently short 2,300 mechanics - a number that is expected to grow to 5,000 mechanics if the current trend is maintained.

Marshall Skills Academy Canada seeks to fill that void.

With an innovative training delivery model that still emphasizes the fundamentals, Marshall Skills Academy Canada will not only on-board new Marshall apprentices and staff, but will deliver the training requirements for other aerospace and defence businesses across the industry.

“With an apprenticeship-style approach to delivering training versus the existing two-year diploma at a technical college for aircraft mechanics, we offer an ‘earn as you learn’ model that targets graduating youth,” says Kim Tamminga.

“The barriers to entering our industry can seem insurmountable to a young person. Marshall Skills Academy Canada seeks to reduce or remove those barriers, especially for underrepresented demographics.”

The day wrapped up with a next steps session and networking.

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