APM Risk Management Certificate Level 1

The Risk Management Certificate course is designed to develop knowledge around the Risk Analysis and Management process.

  • Multi-day
  • Intermediate
  • Cambridge, UK
  • 785

APM Risk Management Certificate Level 1


Interactive introductory workshops exploring the core principles of PRAM.

Day 1: Intro to Benefits, Principles and Processes involved in the effective risk analysis and management of projects

Day 2: Intro to Organisation, Control and Behaviours; Intro to Application of PRAM to a range of practical case studies; exam practice and multiple-choice exam.

Risk Management Certificate Level 1

Course Structure

2x full day workshops, with multiple choice 1 hour exam embedded in final day. Core course materials provided:

  • Project Risk Analysis and Management Guide (PRAM) 2nd ed.
  • Interactive activities and handouts
  • Powerpoint slides
  • Practice exam questions

On Completion

Upon completion of this course, candidates will understand:

  • Benefits, Principles of and Processes involved in effective Risk Analysis and Management of Projects
  • Organisation, Control and Behaviours
  • Application of PRAM to a range of practical case studies


Additional Information

Lunch and refreshments provided for all full day APM workshops.

There is a charge for exam re-sits, for the Risk 1 exam it will be £134.00.

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